3 hours pass and as I walk to the bus stop I actually *feel* like a nutmeg. It feels like there is nutmeg in my nose, mouth, eyes, ears and every OTHER opening in my body. Maybe its seeping out I thought, will people smell nutmeg on me?? Ahh, it doesn't matter. It's not like its illegal. I wait at the bus stop for an eternity and the get on the bus. By the time I get to school I am tripping. No nausea whatsoever. I couldn't walk straight and everyone thought I had been drinking. I had a big smile on my face and my skin felt hot. I felt like a hot nutmeg lol. I went to class and couldn't concentrate. I just laughed and laughed and couldn't even hold my pen. The teacher kept stopping to "wait" for me and I just kept laughing. - Kicked out of class. Next class same thing. 3rd class I wasn't laughing and I just sat and stared. The teacher thought I for sure I was on drugs and the security guard took me to the nurse where they phoned my parents. My parents were also sure I was on drugs and I pissed in a cup to be sent to the hospital for a drug test (luckily I didn't do any illegal drugs). I was sent home still giddy, didn't really grasp what was really going on. I pranced around in my room listening to Cameo's Greatest Hits and kept falling on my mattrass which was on the floor. I had a grand time. Later when I came down I got in a big argument with my folks, them "knowing" I was doing drugs and saying. Just wait till we get the drug test results. The drug test came back negative and I spent the next few weeks in a mental ward. The ward was really fun. I was legally high or technically "down" all day with the drugs they pumped me with. Eh, nutmeg did me good.